Wednesday, September 21, 2011 So...Deathknights nowadays...

First I should just touch up a bit on my previous post title. This time around I went Horde thus the "Back in Red". I figured that my entire WoW career I had been Alliance and it was time to shake things up a bit and see what it was like on the other side of the fence.

Now, onward to my assessment of Deathknights!

Disclaimer: I really don't mean to be negative, I really don't.

I want my old Deathknight back. The DK was an unique class, each tree was raid viable DPS, some trees you had more then one build that was raid viable DPS. In my prime of raiding the 25 man I ran with had 3 DKs - Blood (me), Frost (he was DW, but 2H Frost was also viable) and Unholy. Blood had two DPS builds (you could go far enough into Unholy for a Pet or you could not - I preferred no pet), Frost had two DPS builds (DW and 2H), Unholy only had one but for a class we had 5 different DPS builds that were raid viable. For tanking as long as you took 5/5/5 you could be raid viable - heck you could even DW tank (I was a DW tank offspec). So we had 5 raid viable DPS builds and 4 raid viable tank builds. I loved this. No other class had this.

What happened???

Deathknights were taken and then forced into the square peg so they looked and felt just like any other class in the game. We now have 1 tanking tree (Blood - I am major QQ'ing about this as I loved Blood DPS) and 1 PvP/DPS tree (Frost) and then there's Unholy. Now some can make due as Unholy in raiding but 2H Frost > Unholy and DW Frost > 2H Frost > Unholy.

I'm really not even going to go over the butchery to the class trees as I'm still sighing over this. I really really really dislike that they were shortened like this. Yes there was some fluff and abilities that weren't used as much. But nowadays people can just put all their points in one tree and grab anything without ANY thought and still be able to perform - what's with that?? Why even have trees then? Just should have the summary page where you pick Blood (Tanking), Frost (DPS/PvP) or Unholy (Redheaded Stepchild) and you get the abilities that were in that tree. I shouldn't type things like this...they might come true.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Back in Red!

I decided to fire up the ole computer and reinstall WoW and give the new expansion a new go. This time I'm going to take a more relaxed approach (if I can /twitch) to the game and class.

I did level up to 85 and was forced out of my beloved Blood DPS spec, but more on that to come with the next post. Right now I'm working on setting up my game pad to work my rotation and work it good.