Thursday, January 29, 2009 Pure DPS or Utility?

Deathknights are classified as a hybrid class so I've been going back and forth which way to spec - 2H Blood for raid utility or DW for pure DPS.

I did try Blood...LOVED the rotation as it was just so smooth. I however don't have a good 2H weapon so saw sub-par DPS. Granted I was in the top 7 for DPS on boss encounters and we one shotted all the bosses we attempted in Naxx 25 including Saph and Khel. That's what really matters right?

I went back to my DW spec last night and rocked the meters. I can get to top 3 as DW with my current weapons and when I actually get upgrades who knows. However I just learned that my guild's DK Class leader is going to start raiding and he is going to be The Unholy Deathknight in the raid. So where does that leave me?

I suppose I can just spec out of Crypt Fever and Unholy Aura and spend those 3 points elsewhere, or I can go back to 2H DPS (I did pick up the 2H Axe from Heroic HoL last night) or I can play around with a tri-spec for DW.

Short Answer: I have no idea what I'm going to do.

I love perma ghoul
I dislike having to micro-manage HB
I love the feel of the Blood Rotation
I love the feel of dual wield

I guess I'd feel a lot better about going back to Blood if my guild recognized support's all about the meters and who's topping them.

Thursday, January 15, 2009 Land of Confusion

So today has been a wild ride and it's only 3:15pm. Of course there's RL things going on (Birthday and an US Airways plane crashed into the Hudson River) but also some interesting PTR changes that effect DW DPS and Frost Tanking.

These changes are that Killing Machine only procs off your main hand and Howling Blast is back on a cooldown, abit a 5 second CD compared to it's live state at 6 second one.

All forums are in an uproar and I myself and feeling like a yoyo. So this yoyo has no idea how to take this news, how to spend his DKP (wtf do I spend it on a slow 1H or what happens if a 2H drops?!).

Or...maybe this yoyo will be given a tank role...or does this yoyo even want that? I'm so damn confused now...

Monday, January 12, 2009 A time for changing

With 2009 came a lot of new things, new server, new people, new guild new beginnings and a new world.

In December back on Maelstrom Khaeli and I started to feel the pinch again - It was EQ2 Anomaly all over again! Meaning...there was a guild of people that waited for me to log in to do anything. I was running this group of people through a heroic, was getting requested to go tank for a group quest while the mid 70s wanted me to PL them through the regular dungeons.


Basically, the above is how I got burnt out in EQ2. It was getting bad on Maelstrom...had some guildies that were 80 two plus weeks before Khaeli and I dinged and they waited to do their first heroic with us. But I held on through it, decided to tough it out and it would get better after time. Well, it didn't get better - it got worse. As the DPS around us geared up (Khaeli being the Healer, me the tank) they were gearing up for the wrong stats. Had a rogue with less then 150 hit but 3k AP and was stacking Armor Pen. Oye - Then had a Moonkin who had no idea how to spec himself and was doing less then 1k DPS on some encounters (how is that EVEN possible at 80?).

So what was the straw that broke the camels back?

One weekend Khaeli and I were out running quests and dungeon runs when we were ganked 21 times in a 3 hour peroid by 5+ Horde. I remember at one stone there were 18 they weren't doing a dungeon, they were just gathering around a stone to kill any Alliance who were trying to get into a Dungeon...good times eh?

So, welcome 2009 and welcome new PVE server! A lot more changes have happened as well, but that was the major one. I am really excited to carve a place for myself in the new server as a DPS DW DK. And I'm really excited that I'm no longer a tank and have to shoulder the burden of doing everything for everyone else.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 You're DPS now Son!

So many changes since the first of the year that I will be writing on. One of which being that Khaeli and I joined a 25 man raiding guild, sadly they recruited a tank a day before I put in my app so I am now a DPS DK.

Do I mind? Not really, I can Dual Wield swords and be a badass. I'll write more on some happenings later, right now I'm reading up on rotations.