Thursday, January 15, 2009 Land of Confusion

So today has been a wild ride and it's only 3:15pm. Of course there's RL things going on (Birthday and an US Airways plane crashed into the Hudson River) but also some interesting PTR changes that effect DW DPS and Frost Tanking.

These changes are that Killing Machine only procs off your main hand and Howling Blast is back on a cooldown, abit a 5 second CD compared to it's live state at 6 second one.

All forums are in an uproar and I myself and feeling like a yoyo. So this yoyo has no idea how to take this news, how to spend his DKP (wtf do I spend it on a slow 1H or what happens if a 2H drops?!).

Or...maybe this yoyo will be given a tank role...or does this yoyo even want that? I'm so damn confused now...