Wednesday, November 26, 2008 Deathtards

So in a previous entry I commented on how happy I was to get away from the stereotype of the "Huntard" and one reader replied that it's not something that you can just leave behind in a class. I switched how I have my comments shown on my blog so I can't go back to quote it. I will say that they are completely right.

Deathtards is the name I will call all the stupid DK's running around. I mean, I understand it's a new class, and not everyone was in beta (I wasn't!) and so there is going to be a learning curve. But c'mon people! Read what the ability you are so frantically spamming actually does! And if you aren't entirely sure how it should be used and when...ask. There are many resources available to a new DK- I'd like to promote right now, and to stay away from the live forums unless you dig the ole hockey helmet out of the closet. Seriously, it's a place where all the Deathtards gather and boast who's the bigger idiot while trying to sound like they are the expert in their class.

Anyways, after running some dungeons over the past weekend I have become an alcoholic...well, a wannabe one at least. One of the first runs Khaeli and I did was a Sethekk Halls, now we have always hated this dungeons, on KnK v1.0 we only ran it once. I was 65 or 66 at the time, so there was no way that I could successfully tank it at that level but were pleased to find a level 70 Warrior in the looking for group channel. To fill out the group we snagged another DK and another Priest to heal. Khaeli and I were both amazed at the HP and Mana of this other priest, only to find out that he may have had the mana, but had no idea how to use it. The level 70 Warrior was a kid playing a female night elf (orignal I know!) and was in full greens with about as much HP as I did. This is when the Warrior suggested that since I'm Frost I tank...because Frost is the tanking spec...riiiight. The run itself wasn't too bad, few deaths here and there and only one or two wipes, not bad considering the healer, tank and the other DK who died every pull because he had to blow his entire load in 5 seconds. It wasn't until we were on the last named that things went south. The Warrior and Deathknight were talking and the DK said that he couldn't tank at all as Unholy and Boneshield wasn't a tanking talent. It was then that the Warrior said that a level 67 Frost Deathknight had more armor then he had in an earlier run and that the Frost tree was the tank tree because of the armor boost (Frost has an armor boost?!). I tried to explain a few things to them both...but there is no use trying to explain to idiots that they are in fact, an idiot. So here's your sign Mr. Unholy Deathtard!

Next we move to Slave Pens, now this is a dungeon that we have always enjoyed so we will run it a few more times's fun! Now for this run it was Khaeli, and four other Deathknights...the more common group setup thus far. This one went better then Seth Halls after I booted the Deathtard who would Death Grip my target, wouldn't let me pull encounters back (when there's fearing mobs in an encounter you really don't want to tank it next to another encounter - tip of the day!) and he managed to agro mobs we weren't even pulling, but rather passing. When the tard Death Gripped the first name I told Khaeli not to heal him and to just watch him die...we both did with a satisfied smile on our faces. After that I quickly /uninvite Deathtard and we continued on our merry way.

Basically, welcome to the age of Deathtards. May your booting them out of the group be as enjoyable time as I had.