Thursday, November 20, 2008 I'm not lost and I don't need directions!

Earlier this week I went to get my dog's nails cut during lunch. A co-worker told me about this fantastic little place that was 10 minutes away that was really cheap and that I could just walk in, no appointment needed. Perfect! So I pulled up their address on Google Maps and it was on 8th Street right off of highway 12...sounds easy enough.

So here I am on 12 and I should have seen 8th Street by now but I hadn't so I keep going and see that I'm pass 7th Street. I continue on thinking maybe I saw the map wrong or something until I hit 5th Street. So I turn around and go back down on 12 and see that there is a lack of 8th Street. So here I am, circling this little area for about 20 minutes but refuse to stop into one of the many gas stations, restaurants, and other small businesses that cover the area. I did end up finding the place, but the street wasn't labeled 8th Street, instead it was labeled as "Crow River Drive" on the sign.

With the above example in mind, it's really not too surprising that I refuse to read another person's guide on how to level quickly up through the Outlands and into Northrend to hit 80 within days. I mean that is my ultimate hit 80 yet for some reason I just will not read from another person how to get there. Will it save me some time and probably a headache or two? It sure will...but so would have just running into a gas station and asking if the UFO's beamed up 8th Street.

I'll eventually get to 80, with Thottbot's help of course. Knowing me it won't take too much longer then reading an expert guide on how to level quickly, because after all it's pretty common sesne. Questing > Grinding, Yellow Quests > Green Quests and so on and so forth. So for this MMO Champion here I will grab my nuts with one hand, and let them lead me to where I need to go.