Tuesday, November 18, 2008 The Trek to Stormwind

So this is part two of my two part series about my initial thoughts of the Deathknight quest line. Again, I stress to those that don't even have an interest in the class to at least go through the series of quests.

Khaeli however decided to take my advice and had the final quest bug out on her...you know the one...where the Lich King admits that he just used his Deathknights for fodder and we (the DK's) break free from his grasp...not like that's important or anything!

Anyways, like the first part this is also going to have its fair share of pictures as I am a visual person and honestly some of the images from the starting area is just pure /sexleg. Seriously...

The picture above is where you get transformed into a giant eyeball and have to float around the town investigating different aspects of the village...while trying not to get shot down by archers. For awhile there I was just having too much fun floating around as a big giant blue ball of energy that I kinda forgot about the little brown things in the distance that were streaming towards me. Granted I didn't die from them, but lets just say this was one of the harder quests as I get distracted easily.

This is part of the final battle where the Lich King comes down and announces that he screwed over his Deathknights. For those that didn't get to see this part, it was simply pimp. Here are a few more screenshots of the event for you poor poor souls...should think about /deleting and remaking your DK!

You can try to phase out some of the extremely noobish DK names you see in the screenshots.

Damn Lich King...

So here we are, completely lost as our Lord and Master just threw us to the wolves...so where the hell do we go now?

To STORMWIND! Yes! We'll be accepted there!

Damn Humans...But here we are, Welcome to Stormwind!