Monday, November 3, 2008 So it begins...

This is my first of many blog posts to come in the future, so introductions are in order.

This blog is dedicated to my adventures as a Deathknight in the MMO (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) World of Warcraft. As of right now I am eagerly awaiting the new expansion Wrath of the Lich King to create my Deathknight.

I am not a 'newb' when it comes to MMOs, I started playing Everquest with the first expansion Ruines of Kunark 8 years ago. During my play time with Everquest I tried my hand at many different play styles that included, but not limited to...

Hard Core Raiding- I was a member of iB (Insidious Blood) on the Luclin server
Roleplaying- I was an active member of the Firiona Vie Server
Casual Questing- On the Bristlebane server I was engaged in doing as many quests as I could, which included all of the epic quest lines.

After spending 4 years in Everquest I was looking for the next MMO, I decided to try my hand at FFXI. I didn't spend much time there as Everquest II was released and quickly returned to SOE as my fondness for EQ1 still lingered.

I really enjoyed Everquest II, I tried out the same play styles that I had in Everquest but this time around I wanted to try my hand at some PVP. I decided to roll a character on Venekor which is a PVP/RP server since I still enjoyed the RP aspect of the game. It was there that I reconnected with some old Everquest friends and started playing with them in the guild Firiona Vie's Champions.

However, wanting more PVP then Qeynos could give, I decided to go Exile and join DOM (Den of Madness). This was the best year gaming I had ever spent and I look back on it often with such fondness. Our opponents kept stating that we cheated/hax'd that's why we won so much and so often. Well let me go on the record right now stating that nobody in DOM did anything along those lines. What we had over everyone else is our ability to communicate and work together better then anyone. Our roster was small, everyone knew eachother on a first name bases and Momma Kloae sent me cookies and bread for the Holidays. What can I say, we were a tight bunch...takes more then a raid or two of bloobies to kill that.

Some of my note worthy characters in Everquest II are the following:

Liluk- Paladin of DoM
Kulil- Monk
Kuian- The Ranger
Blaye- Guardian of Bristlebane
Kieo- Ninja Monk
Keio- Necro of Venekor

Not wanting to brag too much or anything, but I became quite recognized as Liluk, the Paladin of DoM that I was confronted with writing some articles for online fan sites. You may be able to find some of my articles on sites such as Ten Ton Hammer and EQ2 Warcry. However they were written over a year ago and may be archieved by now.

I spent another 4 years in Everquest II before leaving it for World of Warcraft. It wasn't too hard of a shift since DoM broke up.

I picked up a copy of WoW in Febuary 08' and have been enjoying it ever since. From a mechanics view point WoW has much more to offer then EQ or EQ2, but graphically I prefer EQ2.

My current character in WoW is a level 70 Hunter named Kinolas (my warrior's name in Everquest on Luclin). I had imagined the Hunter to be along the same lines of the Everquest Ranger but with the ability to use a pet. I was a tad wrong in that department and didn't realize how much the mass population looks down at 'Huntards' and that as a raiding Hunter all you do is create a macro and hit that one button as fast as you possibly can...real skill eh? Which is probably why as a WoW 'newb' I was able to go from PvP purples to actual tier 5 raid gear in 4-5 months and see content that most players hadn't yet.

So with no real enthusiasm to play the Hunter class I was really excited to see that Blizzard's first Hero Class be one that speaks to me.

Hello, my name is Kaleyen and I am a Frost Deathknight.