Tuesday, February 10, 2009 Just /sigh

So tonight we stepped foot into a fresh Naxx 25. We were low on tanks so I was asked to grab my tanking gear for encounters that required more then two tanks. Not a problem, I really don't care what role I play as long as we clear through a zone. We're doing really well, one shotting every boss and getting some good loot. My class lead is on his Paladin alt for the night and is getting some nice gear, was up to 2-3 pieces before reaching the final boss. And finally! The axe drops! I'm sitting over here jumping for joy cause we've never had it drop! I'm nearly doing back flips in my chair until I hear that the Paladin alt has more DKP and gets the axe.


Normally I could care less about loot, but this pisses me off on several fronts.

1. Khaeli and I joined the guild over a month ago, in that time we have never missed a raid and within that time my Class lead has only raided once - once.
2. My class lead has old DKP from BC, since he hasn't raided WOTLK at all.
3. I had not bid on several items to build up DKP and had the most DKP of any MAIN that could have used the axe.
4. His alt had already gotten several drops that night.

I know I know, I have to suck it up and just carry on...but damn it...what the hell is that BS? I don't think of myself as a loot whore, I've passed on upgrades for myself to others which it was a larger upgrade for. I do like to have nice gear - I mean I spend the time to get it, and I'm not the type who will stir any guild drama crap over this, it just pisses me off and I need to vent. But the thing is, if I would have lost this to one of the Warriors who go Fury/Prot depending on what is needed, or hell even one of the Holy Paladins who's going to go Ret now, it wouldn't really bother me. I mean they put in the time like I do week after week and they can decide how to spend their DKP, that wouldn't have bothered me.

/rant off

Our first clear of Naxx 25 in a single night, and I got to tank some - woohoo!