Wednesday, February 4, 2009 Guild: How to level Jewelcrafting from 1-390 in 1 Day

So because I am a non-elitist elitist, I had to change my professions to match my new DPS role. So I dropped Mining and took up Jewelcrafting because of the many perks of it over a flat 50 Stamina boost. I managed to level from 1 to 390 in one day so I have decided to share my secret because it was really easy. First, find a chick with a lot of money and a mining alt who thinks that you look pretty hot in the Kirin Tor tabard (Cause sporting "Prince" colors is hot, amirite?) and let her feed you gold and ore until you physically dry up the Auction House and are 390 - BAM! It's THAT easy!

So Ding - 390 JC and yay me for having to run every last heroic again for patterns (I'm so going to get plastered running Occulus, just sayin!).

As for other stuff, I feel like a sexually confused 15 year old boy named Nancy when it comes to what DPS spec I want to stick with...what else is new. And last night I laughed so hard I nearly choked at how many times some people could die in one encounter (trash encounter).