Tuesday, March 10, 2009 DK & Priest LF a Home!

No, we're not guildless...but we're getting close. 2 people left the guild last night, 2 others I know are transferring servers and two others are on the verge of leaving, which doesn't include Khaeli and myself. The thing is, the 6 people above are frustrated for exactly the same reasons we are yet the officers don't care because their alts are getting purples. I don't want to leave LT, I want people to want to give a damn and actually try to play their class correctly.

So, I have decided to make a post describing the perfect guild for Khaeli and I.

Raiding Guild: Raids 3-5 times a week starting at 7 or 8 PM CST.

The guild member's and officers have the same agenda - to kill shit. Not to gear up alts or make sure that there are enough people to run a second 25 man raid for their alts. We want to be around people like ourselves - people who are never satisfied with their raiding performance and are always striving to do better the next raid yet have to get up at 6am to get to work the next morning. We don't need a guild that is top on a server clearing everything in one attempt, we do need a guild that it's members know how to play their class (aka no healers casting lesser heal please!). We want to be apart of a core group of people like this that we can help the guild progress through content, we want to be around compentant people...

Is this too much to ask?

Apparently it is...I made a post on our guild forums asking what direction is LT going to be taking in the new expansion because our core raiders are tired of spending 4+ hours clearing Construct and Spider wing in Naxx25 because half the raid is alts who don't know how to play their main class, let alone an alt class. Two officers responded (1) We're going to continue to gear out alts (2) Leave the guild then if you're frustrated.

The first officer (1) who responded dinged his level 80 Shaman this past weekend and brought him into a Naxx 25 wearing greens and did 1k DPS but changed the looting rules after the raid started so he could get gear on his alt for less DKP.

The second officer (2) who said that those feeling frustrated should leave has been bringing his mage alt to all the raids the past 3 weeks and has gotten a nice little collection of tier gear and still can't break 2k DPS and can't see where there's a problem.

Meanwhile the core raiders who carry these people through are getting more and more frustrated and are starting to leave. Khaeli and I don't want to leave the guild...we the officers to realize how selfish they are, we want the members to realize that doing 1.5k DPS in full 25 man gear is unexceptable, we want members who are on raid heals who are healing the MT/OT and themselves that they are not doing their jobs properly and need to fix it.

But I guess we want too much for this guild...