Monday, March 2, 2009 Weekend Observations & Thoughts

I have a lot of thoughts about the 3.1 patch notes in general and even more about the proposed changes to the class. Most of which is me looking at the changes as a whole and worrying that spec diversity will soon be a thing of the past. But what this post is going to be about is this past weekend's happenings.

Khaeli and I were awarded the status of "Raider" in the guild, it was a long over due promotion as we were told 2 weeks earlier by the guild leader "LOL! You two still aren't promoted yet? That's an oversight by your Class Leaders, I'll get it sorted out". And there are people with the Veteran Raider tag that only raid Vanilla WoW raid zones at 80.

So I'm going to start off with the idea of Class Leaders. I actually like the idea and it would be a great way to pass off some administrative duties of the guild leader and officers. However, the Deathknight Class Leader is a Paladin (His BC main was a Paladin, went DK for the WoTLK expansion but when he finally started to raid in LK he went on a 25 man Naxx run on his Paladin and used his BC DKP on the Betrayer of Humanity and decided that now his main is going to be the Paladin yet he still is the DK CL) who logs in about twice a week and raids once every other week. His knowledge of the class is lacking but overall he's a nice guy, certainly not what I would consider worthy of the CL position. He actually told me that he's going to pass me the DK CL so he can be the Paladin CL - Well there's only 1 raiding DK in my guild and it's me, so it's not that hard of a job. However 3 seperate incidences popped up that have left me just dumb founded and have shown me that I am really not appreciated as a person who knows their class.

~Brief Backgound~
I was a tank until level 80, tanked all heroics in all 3 specs and did some MT/OT work in Naxx and OS 10. Upon joining the guild I was asked to go DPS and since doing so I am a top 2 DPS, the one other person we go back and forth per encounter on who's #1. While him and I are doing 4500 DPS on a boss encounter the #3 guy is usually around 3k...meaning there is a large gap between us and the rest of the raid. Also I have a tank set as I am asked in 25 mans to help with tanking when needed.

Incident #1: We have a new Warrior tank and we're running through Naxx 25, the new guy is asked to tank Khel while the other tanks grab the adds. The convo went something like this in raid chat...

New Tank "Who's on the Frost Bolt interupts?"
Raid Leader "Nobody is, we don't do that and we down him just fine"
Me "I interupt Frost Bolts"
Raid Leader "It's not really an issue, we can heal through them np"
Me "I have always interupted the Frost Bolts from Khel"
Raid Leader "Just tank him at the thone, Khaeli will keep you healed"
Me "<--------------------interupts Frost Bolts"
Raid Leader "Oh, good work Kale"

At the time it was nothing, shrugged it off because it was just whatever. Didn't really get to me that even the raid leader didn't know what I was doing to help the raid but that's ok, not everyone goes through the WWS like Khaeli and I do.

Incident #2: Doing a quick and easy OS 25 with all drakes down, had some people get on their DK alts for the achievement because it's loleasymode. The convo went like this in raid chat...

DK Alt "Is there a point to having more then 540 defense?"
Mage "Nope, it's useless"
Me "Yes there is, IBF for example scales with defense"
Mage "Getting anything over won't help with anything"
DK Alt "Cool, I'm almost to cap then"

What do I know right? The mage had a DK alt who's in their mid 70s and who is Frost because Frost is the tank spec, amirite?

Incident #3: I'm getting my Priest PL'd in SM while this conversation took place. The convo went something like this in guild chat...

Non-Raider DK "Is the class lead on by chance?"
Me "Nope, but if you have a DK question ask away"
DK Alt "Yup, we have some very good DK's in the guild - like me" (yes he was being serious)
Non-Raider DK "Well, I'm new to 80 and I wanted to try to tank and wanted to know what would be a good tank spec to try"
Me "Well, all three specs have the ability to tank as long as you take 5/5/5 in each tree, from there I would suggest Frost because you can rotate 3 of your tanking CD's to have one up all the time and you get a nice increase in your IBF, this is not to say Unholy isn't a great tank spec even after the nerf to BS as you can glyph for two extra bones and has superior passive mitigation then the other two specs, I wouldn't suggest Blood at your gear level and compared to Frost and Unholy it lacks the abilities to really smooth out the incoming damage"
DK Alt "LOL! Vampiric Blood is better then anything in Frost and Unholy"
Warlock Alt "Yeah, I was in Heroic HoL and a Blood DK tank solo'd Loken because the self heals are amazing" (The Blood DK had a healer with him - it was Khaeli - and this DK is geared in 25 man gear)
DK Alt "Ya, you'll be just fine as Blood"
Warlock Alt "It really doesn't matter how you spec to tank as a DK"
Me "Guys, I never said that Blood couldn't tank - I tank as Blood DPS when needed because I have the gear. He's not in raid gear and will have an easier time rotating his CDs with Frost or Bone Shield with Unholy. It's not about what's the best tank spec but what's the best tank spec for him at his gear level."
DK Alt "Whatever dude, Blood is insane for tanking because of the self heals"
Warlock Alt "Yup, the self heals really smooth out the damage for the healers"

The DK Alt thinks he's the best DK in the guild, he will argue his point just to get the last word in, he's 15 and thinks he knows it all. I am not going to argue with a 15 year old as there is no point, especially with this kid who thinks he's so clever because he picked his name out of a Latin dictionary. The Warlock Alt was the guild's former MT and is an officer of the guild.

So have the 3 above combined together and I just feel that I am not appreciated for what I do at all. I don't need countless praise or a fancy guild title or anything like that, what I do expect is that when there's a question regarding DK's and I respond that others might actually take what I have to say with some consideration. The fact is I could start to do 2k DPS and I would still be brought to every single raid, instead I'm busting my ass to be the best DPS DK that I can be and there is really no point in doing so.

The guild still has other issues but hey, whatever right? We are still killing Patchwork in 6+ minutes with all of our DPS being decked out in 25 man gear. We have 10+ DPS that can't break 3k that we bring to every raid. The raid healers don't heal the raid, they heal the MT/OT and themselves which causes serious issues when we try 2D OS. But it doesn't matter, casual guild is casual.

Just going to keep my mouth shut and pay my repair builds from now on.