Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Why WoW = Boring

The past few weeks or so I have found myself un-eager to just log into the game. I have not raided the past week and I haven't logged in for 3 or 4 days. WoW to me has become very boring as it's mind numbing easy. Pre-3.1 I would hit 2 buttons and be #1 DPS, now I hit 3 buttons and I'm in the top 3 for DPS. Yay?

In EQ2 I was "The Ranger", EQ2 didn't have any mods to time your auto shot or to help you improve your DPS, either you knew how to play and could time your shots and sky rocket to #1 DPS or you didn't and you'd be #15 DPS. There was no easy mode, either you were good or you sucked. I raided with another Range for while, we had pretty comparable gear yet she couldn't get in the top 8 DPS to save her life while I was leading the charts by a fair margin. There was no face rolling, there was no easy mode to success, you had to work, and if you worked successfully you were rewarded.

I then went to WoW and picked up a Hunter to play in Burning Crusade. I did the "ctrl v" and "ctrl c" to a macro, I put that macro on my mouse wheel. All I had to do to get #1 DPS was roll my mouse wheel. "Oh look, I'm standing on fire!" side step left and continue twirling that mouse wheel - How fucking dull. So when Deathknights were announced I was excited to get out of my mouse wheeling class. Well guess what...DK's are easy, all classes are easy, raiding is easy, this game is easy, I get bored with easy.

Bring the Player not the Class...

That was the quote of the X-Pac, and I believe it to be the major downfall of it. Now every single class has the same buffs as every other. There is no uniqueness, there is no difference, everyone is the same - yay?

I told people I'd raid tonight because they need my DPS, but honestly I'd rather go to Petco and buy some black sand substrate and change out the sand on Bob's tank (Bob is my betta). And hopefully they'll have some shrimp as I need a cleanup crew in his small lil tank. I could then maybe do dishes that I haven't done in...two weeks maybe? Yes I'd rather be cleaning crusty dishes then raiding as it would be more exciting to me.

Seriously, I can remember when I couldn't wait to log in to game and that going any longer then a day sucked. Now it's just meh.