Wednesday, April 15, 2009 First Impressions

Talent Spec & Glyphs: 51/2/18

Glyph Choices: Will be replacing the Plague Strike and Icy Touch glyph with DRW and Dark Disease. Servers went online late and I was using Glyph of Rune Tap, Blood Strike and Obliterate - None of which would effect me in the slightest with my new 3.1 build so I just picked up two glyphs that would at least be used.

Below is a breakdown of my performance for our Ignis attempts.

Attempt # | DPS | *Effective Self Healing | Length of Fight

#1 | 3,199 | 26,562 | 1:28
#2 | 4,576 | 38,900 | 1:51
#3 | 4,790 | 34,392 | 1:53
#4 | 4,440 | 16,169 | 1:31
#5 | 3,446 | 20,665 | 1:28
#6 | 3,454 | 23,907 | 1:47
#7 | 3,884 | 23,095 | 1:48

*Effective Self Healing: This is the healing done to myself that was not over healing. For example in each encounter I would heal myself for 80k-85k but a lot of that is over healing done to me so I didn't count that. Only counted the healing done by myself to myself that actually healed me.

I did not use Hysteria or DRW in any attempt.

Rotation was more of a priority system of keeping diseases applied and making turning F/U Runes into D Runes. Basic rotation I followed was...

PS - IT - DS - HS - HS - DS - HS - HS - HS - HS

First impressions: DPS'ing is ezmode now, seriously easy to DPS. I was amazed at just how easy it was to DPS with this spec as my previous Diseaseless build required setup to burst down targets.

I'm still not comfortable with AoE type fights as I've been in a spec where AoE was laughable - the potential is there but we'll see what it's like once I can fight a pack of mobs.

I feel that this spec can compete with the heavily favored Unholy spec and can shine on fights like Ignis where the sole component is to actually survive. In pretty much every attempt I was one of the last to actually die as I can actually heal myself rather well when taking periodic damage.

Also I'm toying with the idea of doing a double DPS setup for my dual spec instead of a DPS/Tank setup. Raiding tonight will give me a better idea on how much AoE will be necessary on Boss fights as well as more information on Blood AoE.