Tuesday, April 14, 2009 And we're off!

Spring is here, and there are many great things that come with it. Flowers budding, trees turning green, birds chirping and other Nancy crap. The thing that I enjoy about spring is the Horse Track will be opening again here shortly. It's a great place to bet on some ponies and play some cards and breath in the fresh air that's filled with the scent of horse manure and cigar smoke. Honestly I just go for the $1 beer and hot dogs and then cringe at the price of mini donuts. But this year spring has another flavor - The reconstruction of my entire class 5 months after it was created.


So I spent the last 5 months learning and playing with abilities that some were fundamentally changed - go go Blizz! Some may say that Deathknights needed toning down in PvP thus why some PvE abilities got the axe - that's awesome, I don't PvP. I am purely a PvE DK - why some might ask, because I arena'd in BC as a Hunter with a Resto Druid...45 minute matches killed PvP for me.

Before I get in on this latest and greatest Blog post, I want to add that they did change Hungering Cold and glyph'd it's just about where I said it should be to make it useful - damn I'm good.

Hi, my name is Kaleyen, I'm a Blood Deathknight of the guild Delirium and I want to Dual Wield...waitwut? Yeah I still think they should have added some DW talents to the Blood tree as the reason why DW was so strong prior to 3.1 is that all the talents were condensed into the lower talents of 2 trees instead of using all 3 trees to balance.

Anyways, the big debate with Blood is if DRW is worth the setup over a much easier to use Unholy Blight. A lot of people prefer UB as it's extremely easy to manage - just hit a button and you have AoE damage swarming around you. I do like the fact that Blood can get some better AoE damage but at what cost? Oh yeah, it's burst...wait, don't I like this spec for bursty damage? Damn...

I do plan on going with a 51/2/18 spec as it requires setup, some thought process, some micro-managing of your RP to get the most out of your DRW and DS. I don't like hitting 1 button and getting DPS numbers (I played a Hunter back in BC and played BM a bit - yay clicking on one button for hours on end?). As to my DW brethern - EP is stackable now?