Saturday, November 15, 2008 Death's Grip

There I am, ready to enter the world and start down the path of the Deathknight. I wasn't one of those that waited in line at Midnight to be the first to log into the game. I mean, I had work in the morning so I eagerly awaited my copy of the CE to get to my doorstep on the 13th. My love for this game was rekindled as I was installing the new xpac, it was a feeling that I lost throughout the beta process and watching and reading as my class (The Hunter) just kept slipping through the cracks. Each new beta patch just confirmed that my choice to go DK was the way to go for me. So much so that in the last week and a half before the xpac went live I just couldn't log into Kinolas at all to play.

Why did I have such resentment for playing my Hunter all of a sudden? A week prior to me just not logging into the game at all, I made -A create a Warlock on another server with me. I really enjoyed that time (and the class- truth be told, if I could of created a DK on any server -A probably would have made a BE Warlock. But her issues with Humans are for her own blog to figure out). So here I was, playing a level 5 Warlock over my level 70 Hunter that I could use to get more money or mats for my DK, but I couldn't bring myself to hit "Enter World". I think I just got fed up with what the class was, and what it will soon be. I know that I was concerend and idiot, a moron, a "Huntard" just because of the class I played. I was looked down upon by many people just because of a class that I thought sounded fun on the character select screen. I didn't like that...specially when I feel that in any MMO and class I choose to play I have a hand in advancing that class and playing it beyond the capacity that is known for that class. Case in point- Did you know that in EQ2 as a Paladin I would top the healing charts if I was suppose to be a healer for that raid? When I left that game NO OTHER Paladin could say the same and at the same time if needed I could swap out some gear and pick up an add. I then soon became recogonized for my abilities playing that class and was a known player...but in WoW I'm just a Huntard. Forget that in mostly S2 PVP gear I can walk into a T5 raiding guild and be a top 3 DPS and on some nights a top 2, I'm still a Huntard right?


I'm a Deathknight now, and from here on out I shall strive to get that recognition as one that you don't want to cross blades with.

I am Kaleyen, the Deathknight.